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My experience

Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed drawing.

My “first exhibition” took place in a college – I was then 14 years old: it was the reproduction of a car from a photo.

Then it was in 2016 that a sudden urge took me to paint and create, to deepen the technique so as to be able to improve myself:

First of all the oil painting, very noble for my taste, and also my favorite one; but also other techniques such as acrylic and aerosol to which I am open.

Painting is my second passion after my job as an actress.

I admire very different painters such as Dali, Rembrandt, Bosch, Helnwein.

My works

  • tt tableau arbre 1
  • Marie
  • Planète D
  • D cad noir
  • bebete 3
  • barelief sans cadre 2
  • img-peinture-3
  • img-peinture-5
  • daniel 00 philtre photo bl bd ai
  • img-peinture-4
  • img-peinture
  • peinture crane
  • img-peinture-2
  • DSC_0795
  • _copie-0_tableau 2 tiff
  • _copie-0_3em
  • _copie-0_chevre 1.jpg2.jpg4
  • _copie-0_3bb
  • _copie-0_olivier blanc2
  • _copie-0_nebubu foufou 2
  • 00
  • _copie-0_lion Ap
  • DANIEL tableau a prendre
  • ville derniere a prendre
  • IMG_20200821_105927 (1)

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