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For more than 10 years, I enjoy to design and create all kinds of animations for children, young and old alike.

Themes are tailored to each child, their personality and their desires, and of course those of the parents, whether for birthdays, weddings or other occasions:

Show, musical animation, treasure hunt, investigation, giant cluedo, party, quiz, masquerade party, role-playing, tale…

I also provide makeup applications and balloon sculptures with dedicated scenery or workshops by age.

My services

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  • animation-6
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  • arbre 2
  • papillon 2 avec contour
  • papa smurf
  • fleur ballon
  • decors 2 avec contour
  • papillon 2 avec contour
  • papa smurf
  • decors 2 avec contour
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  • animation-4
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